“More Than I Can Give” – Sapien Trace

Another exciting band from Newcastle. With this single Sapien Trace pay homage to some of the best electro-synth, there has ever been. Imagine the Prodigy, 80s Human League and maybe Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley on vocal duties. All underpinned by an almost Italian House piano motif. This is an intriguingly great track that leaves me wanting more of Sapien Trace. by "With Just a hint of Mayhem" (Music blog)

"Using the evening as a platform to showcase new release ‘More Than I Can Give’, tonight s more than just a showcase of a new tune for Sapien Trace - it’s also a showcase for the brevity of their songwriting. Taking us across nine tracks, with an encore of repeating 2 of those, Sapien Trace’s set proves just how much the band has transformed in their recent history; moving from a hard dance/ punk edge in the style of Pendulum to a more synth-heavy pop band in the style of

The Pet Shop Boys.  Highlights of tonight include, obviously, the new single which pops and fizzes in the way good pop does as well as ‘Perfect Mistakes’ which somehow manages to blend The Prodigy and Grace Jones together seamlessly. They may have developed their sound but they’ve kept their past. Great stuff. Newcastle’s Electro-rock dubstep three-piece Sapien Trace really do throw you into their sci-fi world full-throttle."

Damian Robinson  for NE Volume  SAPIEN TRACE AT BEYOND VINYL, NEWCASTLE 21/02/2020

"Sapien Trace were shining, just as sparkly and bright as their Christmas jumpers.Putting a label on their sound is an impossible task. There was a pop song, a “hippie-free-love-let’s-all-get-together” song and a track that someone else, in a stroke of genius, had described as “Rammstein meets Prodigy on a spaceship with Pendulum driving”. If that means absolutely nothing to you, you just have to go and see them." (Spotlight UK)

"Sci-fi rock at it's finest" (Review of Resistant Strain by The Crack.)


"Imagine Rammstein and The Prodigy meeting up at a party on a space ship with Pendulum driving, and this is what you should expect with this song." (Review of Bite The Bullet in NE Volume)

"Precipice is also a track which though it proved firmly enjoyable on its initial listen has simply become more addictive by the listen; a success which can only be lauded and recommended."(Review of Precipice by Ringmaster)

"Saw you guys at Think Tank - great show!"


" talent with an unusual genre traces of many era's from early 80's to up to date dubstep great gig can't wait to hear more"


"5 stars"


"Strains of pitchshifter and The Prodigy."